On the causes of fire engines to the tank "Panther" in July 1943.


Translated from Arabic. Article colonel of the U.S. armed forces B.V.  Sokolov, Annapolis Academy graduate, a prominent American expert and researcher in the history of World War II, the author of the famous book "Secrets of the World."


More than fifteen years I searched clue mystery mass failure of the 196 German tanks "Panther" before the attack on the arc of the Kursk in July 1943. Of the 200 tanks of "Panther" involved in the Kursk operation - 196 left their building because of a fire engine on the first day of operation, and failing to take direct part in the fighting. What could make the remaining 4 "Panther"? Much, but alas not all! There were too few, and the valiant troops Wehrmacht lost this battle, and failing to break the backbone of the bloody Stalin's regime.

I have studied more than twenty-three thousand German archival documents examined some fifteen thousand Soviet documents examined tanks "Panther", remaining after the Second World War - it was all in vain! The same "Panther," released at the same time, from the same manufacturer's lot, without any modifications took an active and successful participation in the battle for the Dnieper, deterring countless Bolshevik hordes rushing in a civilized Germany! And it was not registered a single case of a fire engine!

So what's the matter? The Bolsheviks used an unknown type of weapon? But why they have not taken it further? Why are there more, and will continue in the history of military use of tanks such as "Panther" was not registered a single case of spontaneous ignition engines. It would have left this unrevealed mystery, if not crash the space shuttle "Challenger."

Studies conducted by the military laboratory at Los Alamos showed that the cause of death for the space shuttle, a change in the physical structure of the fuel under the influence of non-ultrasonic vibrations caused by a defect in its turn while building accelerators shuttle. I reflect on this fact, then I fall. All night I have not slept and sang songs, appalled his opening! And indeed - ultrasonic vibrations, the vibrations of such high frequency sounds that are not perceived by the ear. The frequencies of ultrasonic vibrations room of 15 000-20 000 Hz. What is dangerous ultrasound? If the ultrasound waves are falling on the border between the two mediums, such as: gasoline - air, the ground surface of heavily distorted because of the so-called sound pressure formed entire fountains fine spray. And where in the engine tank may be the boundary of two media? A majority of motorists know - the carburettor. But for the carburetor and is - will tell you! Wait a minute, I now explain. I will explain in detail as possible to read my article will be residents of the former Bolshevik Russia, which are due to ubogosti Bolshevik system of education does not know even basic things.. For example, Y.Muhin printing articles in their delusional gazetenke "Duel", or others, such as gray and ubogie remnants of the totalitarian society. his

Carburettor - this equipment to make the working of the volatile mixture of fuel and air coming into the cylinder internal combustion engine to convert the chemical energy of fuel into mechanical work.

Principles karbyurirovaniya. The implementation process karbyurirovaniya requires good mechanical atomizing of fuel with air to produce large surface of contact with air fuel, without which it is impossible to carry out a good evaporation of the latter. To achieve this goal, the construction method of applying the so-called zhiklernogo spraying, was that the fuel has expired from a small hole zhiklera under the influence of pressure difference in the fuel receptacle and zhiklera, podhvatyvaetsya and sprayed the air flows through its high speed. Thus, the energy dissipation for the fuel is the kinetic energy of air, artificially created in place of the expiration of the fuel. What is the ratio between air and fuel? Anyone working the mixture, depending on its size (the ratio between the number of air and fuel), must have certain characteristics necessary for ignition and rapid combustion in the cylinder of the engine. The mixture has the ability to fire only if certain proportions of its air and fuel, while distinguish the so-called limits of the flammability of the mixture. Principal limit corresponds to the composition of the working mixture, when it stops enriching the fuel ignited, and the lowest limit - when the mixture of fuel, while further obednenii also not ignite. Quantitatively, these limits are defined as% case volume content of the fuel mixture in the workforce. Consequently, the highest limit is the maximum, while the lowest limit - at least this content. For gasoline such as these figures represent - the highest limit - 5,9%, the lowest limit - 1.5%.

"Well, and that from that?"- Tells the reader on edge. Wait! In fact, I have said earlier, that these explanations for those who live in the former Bolshevik Russia. Now we turn to the heart of the matter. Yes, indeed - Carburettor prigotavlivaet working a mixture of fuel and air, and it is, but its normal work of the particles have a certain amount of fuel to prevent ignition of fuel in the karbyuratore. What happens if the size of the particles change? When increasing the size of particles of fuel - it will be incomplete combustion in the engine. This is not so terrible, although increases fuel consumption, which could adversely affect the conduct of hostilities in the mobility of the tank connections.

 Indeed another - reducing the size of particles of fuel! Reducing the size of fuel particles leads to a significant reduction in the temperature of ignition, and this leads to the risk of ignition of the fuel of the carburettor engine ignition and spread further. The process can be likened to an explosion of methane in coal mines, or the process is in munitions explosives. You can give another example: if prostrelit a full petrol tank car normal bullet, it will not guarantee its flammability, but if prostrelit empty petrol tank - fire, explosion or even to - at the expense of gasoline vapor in its upper part. Reducing the particle size of the carburettor fuel leads to a similar process.

 But that has led to a reduction in fuel particles in the carburetor engine "Panther", under the Kursk? The same that led to the catastrophe "Challenger" - an additional source of ultrasound. To say, not only to ultrasound, but also high-frequency sounds, perceived human ear. And why has taken this same source? And to answer this question, I would like to remind readers that just before the arrival of the Wehrmacht under the Kursk, the German tanks were concentrated near the front and sheltered from the Bolshevik aviarazvedki. Where is the easiest to hide the tanks from the observation from the air? True - in the groves, or on the edge of woodlands in the area of the offensive. It is only in stupid movies Bolshevik tanks disguised under the haystack, and the real situation is impossible. American and British and American photographic for aviarazvedki supplied by the Bolsheviks on lend-lease, unfortunately made the fighting against the Bolshevik regime Wehrmacht. For this very reason, near the tanks had advanced to place it on the edge of woodlands or in small groves. That margin, groves and forests have become the territory on which the engines "Panther" were exposed to ultrasound and high-frequency sound waves. They podergalis this exposed for several days, and you the reader, with the above, you can imagine, in what has become an explosive mixture of fuel in the carburetor engine and fuel systems "Panther." And when he was ordered to attack 196 tanks out of service from the fire engine when you try to off and go to battle positions. Where do take up this damned ultrasound, pogubivshy latest tanks Wehrmacht, whose superiority over the Bolshevik technique was proven by the remaining 4 in order "Panther"?

The whole reason, dear reader in Erithacus! Erithacus! Erithacus is one of the symbols of Bolshevik Russia, and he devoted a lot of songs and the Bolshevik Bolshevik many singers, such as such as Lev Leschenko became known, and were oblaskany bloody Bolshevik regime (in the form of attribution of any title "National", "honored" as well as the delivery of letters, pennants, gratitude and other Bolshevik ubozhestva) is due to glorify Erithacus! It Erithacus and was a source of natural ultrasonic radiation, sputavshim Wehrmacht grandiose plans for the destruction of the bloody Stalinist regime. You ask what Erithacus and why he worships Bolsheviki? Вы будете обескуражены читатель! You'll obeskurazheny reader! That article from the Encyclopedia Brockhaus and Ephron:

 Erithacus - Nightingale - genus of small songbirds zuboklyuvyh birds from these things. дроздовых (Turdidae). drozdovyh (Turdidae). By S. include several (about 9) species, of which generally two European types: ordinary, or east C. (E. philomela), distributed throughout Europe except for its northern suburbs, and western S. (Er. luscinia), throughout western and central Europe. Both species winter in Africa. And he and the other kind of painted similar: the upper side of their bodies - burovato gray, lower - dirty-white, brown tail with rusty hue, but at the eastern S. generally darker in color and the upper side of the body to express olive hue . East S. In addition, major (E. philomela - 19 STM, E. luscinia - 7 STM), the main difference is it is that he first mahovye feathers on a much shorter than that of western C. All nightingales fed exclusively insects and their larvae mostly, finding them on the ground and in the bushes. Shrubs, hedges shaded gardens, opushki light groves near ponds and lakes and, in general, not far from the water - the essence of your favorite places, which kept S. Jacks C. vyut quite casually in the bushes on the ground, with the main material used to build nests old poburevshie leaves of trees. Full masonry (1 every summer) consists of a chocolate-green monochrome eggs. During nesting, ie since the beginning of summer and the end of June, the song of the male are distributed every night.

 Yu Wagner.

 Song eastern S. shorter than the West, performed with small pauses between tribes, strongly and solemnly, and some knee differ zvonkostyu, fullness and power of sound, the song marks the western S. slower, with a rather lengthy pause, and in sound and feel tender melody . Generally, terrain, weather and, above all, an example of the old singers have a tremendous impact on song С.; where incidentally a few good singers, you can expect to meet during the period best known singing C. This explains that the one time famous Kursk С ; Then entered the fashion Kiev (actually Berdichevsky) in Moscow lips. especially good S. belong Bogorodskoye county, while Moscow itself bad. The song S. distinguish, in comparison with other songbird, the largest number of tribes, dohodyaschee in the best specimens to 25 [Each knee solovinoy song is a special name, eg., On Turgenevu: pulkane, klykane, shot, reverberation, plenkane, lesheva pipe , Kukushkin flight, gusachek, yulinaya stukotnya, initiative, etc. To learn more about the names given in the notes on S. - Dementieva (Prir. and Hunt, 1880, IX) and Ryabinina (ibid., 1881, II)] . S., in the song which is all the tribes, it is extremely rare and valued very expensive - sometimes hundreds of rubles. A good S. every knee goes long, clear, strong song is the most complete and has a warehouse. At the time of singing S. divided into day and night, and fighting (and singing night and day, but night-time and abruptly) to distinguish the dominant tone of major and minor (melanholicheskih) S. C. There are starting to sing immediately upon arrival in April , first quietly, then, especially during the withdrawal of young, strong and loud voice, singing graduate in June, when the children fly from the nest; room C. begin to sing after Christmas (and later) and ends in June. C. The fishing is done during the spring, different gear: navolochnymi networks, which okutyvayut bushes, luchkami (see acc. Article) "at podvyaznuyu, using whistle, as they say," to fight "samolovami and other Western is also in the second half of June, removed from the nests of young S. just caught S. connect the wings and put in a cage with polotnyanymi bottom and top. С. S. fishing until recently has been developed, mostly in the vicinity of Berdichev; extracted S. industrialists immediately passed the industry, without a sample of votes, with birds caught in the first 2 - 3 days of arrival, valued bulk of 50 - 60 kopecks.; beyond the price they came up to 20 kopecks.. Fishing that almost stopped the latest laws on hunting Feb. 3, 1892, prohibit spring catching S.; in the lips. Kingdom of Poland, as well as in Kurlyandskoy lips. C. Fishing is prohibited.

See Ptica pevchaja, ibid given literature, see also: I. Turgenev "C. ( "Full. Sobr. Op., 1898, vol XII); I. Krylov," Why do married men "(Moscow, 1851).

С. Б. SB


You obeskurazheny reader? Yes, it is somewhat shocking uninitiated and unprepared person, but I hope you paid attention to the following article:

"Song of the Eastern C. shorter than the West, performed with small pauses between tribes, strongly and solemnly, and some knee differ zvonkostyu, fullness and power of sound."

That kind of difference of nightingales singing east of the western - sonority, fullness and power of sound, as well as small pause between trelyami and have led to fatal changes in the physical structure of the fuel in the carburetor and fuel tank systems, such as "Panther." Formed a few days standing tank in the forest, a pair of fuel in the fuel system when you start the engines vosplamenilis and best Wehrmacht tanks out of service.

And now look at another point. Many German generals complain that the operation "Citadel" failed because of the fact that Hitler constantly shifts its timing, and the Bolsheviks were able to prepare a solid defense. Not the Bolsheviks with their ubogostyu afraid of Hitler, and not that was the reason for the postponement of Citadel! Why do you think it started in July rather than at the end of June? What gave this week to Hitler? A lot! Pay attention to two more quotes from articles about Erithacus:

"Generally, terrain, weather and, above all, an example of the old singers have a tremendous impact on song S., where incidentally a few good singers, you can expect to meet during the period best known singing C. This explains that the one time famous Kursk С.; " S.;

"There S. start singing immediately upon arrival in April, first quietly, then, especially during the withdrawal of young, strong and loud voice, singing graduate in June, when the children fly from the nest;

 In contrast to the slow-witted Bolsheviks, and the same current uneducated followers, like mentioned Yu.I. Mukhina, Hitler was a very educated and aware of the dangers of the impact of ultrasonic vibrations caused by the singing of birds on the physical properties of the fuel tank. And know that the most powerful ultrasonic vibrations is singing it kurskih Solov'ev. Therefore, Hitler and waited, singing solovinogo the end of the season. Therefore, Operation Citadel began July 5th, 1943. Unfortunately, our nature sometimes leads to failure in its rhythms, and unfortunately it is a failure, and occurred in 1943. Soloviny season long. Unfortunately for the glorious Wehrmacht and fortunately for the slow-witted Bolsheviks. Unfortunately, Hitler was a gentle man, and eventually gave way nazoylivym request of his generals. But vyzhdi he had at least one week, and the terrible bloody Bolshevik regime would be eliminated as early as 1943!

 The Bolsheviks, ovladevshie in 1945, personal archives and diaries of Adolf Hitler, and learned in the end, the crucial contribution Erithacus in Kursk campaign. Obradovannye vypavshim them a gift of fate, they secretly vozvelichili this fateful for Wehrmacht bird - on the orders of Stalin's executioner was written over hundreds of songs on Erithacus, many of which are performed today, but it was a secret cult, but for officialdom needed other "heroic" version . Thus was born the myths about the giant tank battle under Prohorovkoy, which allegedly had been destroyed and 196 tanks such as "Panther." Current followers of Bolshevism, like Yu.I. Muhin in this regard over ubogi - sochinyayut some tales about the mythical PTABy, which were destroyed by the best tanks Wehrmacht. This could not be, because at the time of the Bolshevik aircraft attacking tanks were safely sheltered in the woods, and the Bolsheviks struck vermahtom models created by technology.

Bitter feeling, and want to cry! Indeed the entire history of mankind to change for the better as far back as 1943. Unfortunately did not succeed! Indeed, Russians never knew how to fight - all the time hiding in nature - the frosts in 1812, 1941, the Erithacus. It is Erithacus played a fatal role in the fate of the division SS Nahtigal! When Hitler found out about what happened to his best tanks, he ordered to send this division to the front, where she heroically and died. Why you ask? Because "Nahtigal" translated from German, as the nightingale! But the Fuhrer did not want to hear more of that word or German, or Latin, or the beloved English.

Erithacus - small bird gryaznovatoy color. How often our human history depends on such small gryaznovatyh coincidences! "Russian Nightingale, glorious Ptah, a small grove of white magician ..."? Hate!


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